January 2021

One More Obstacle to Airline Recovery

Today’s announcement made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau presents yet another obstacle in the IAM’s fight to preserve the aviation industry, where our members and thousands of other workers are being left out in the cold without support. With the requirement for mandatory hotel-quarantine, at a cost estimated to be $2,000, the government has yet again raised the bar on restrictions faced by the transportation industry. This will further result

Lack of Action in Aviation Sector a “Black Mark on Liberals’ Watch”

The IAM demands the government immediately establish a Sector Council Working Group to implement a program that helps sustain the airlines, including small air carriers. We also propose that the government maintain a domestic and regional air network, as a healthy domestic air network will be the backbone of recovery in this sector.

Without swift action, this sector will be obliterated. Pickthall has a very clear message to the Liberal government: “Mr. Trudeau, the death of Canada’s aviation industry will be a black mark on your watch!”

IAM Local 1758 in Laval vote to extend contract by three years

23 January, 2021 For immediate release Laval, QC – 97 IAM members working for Hèroux-Devtek ratified a contract with the Montreal-area manufacturing, repair and overhaul (MRO) facility. The contract was accepted by almost 70 percent of the membership. The previous contract expired on 31 December, 2021. As part of the new contract, they will receive 2.15%, 2.20% and 2.25% wage increases, helped, in part, by an investment of $11.3 million

Reo Elkin says farewell - DL250 representative heads to retirement

26 January, 2021 Reo Elkin, Business Representative for IAM District 250 is retiring this Friday, 29 January, 2021. We caught up with him and spent a few minutes discussing his union life. “I became a Business Rep when Stan Pickthall became Chief-of-Staff at the Canadian Office seven years go. Dale Gentile, who was the Rep, asked me if I was interested and I said ‘Yes’. “Before that I was involved

National Women's Committee - Challenges of Supporting Members During the Pandemic

The National Women’s Committee has been meeting on a regular basis to discuss the effect on the pandemic on women, and workers of colour across the country. At our last meeting, participants raised the stresses accompanied with heavy workloads, managing issues and emotions of union members as we continue to work in uncertain circumstances. A member of the National Women’s Group will make a presentation on a Mental Health Toolkit

New three-year deal ratified by IAM Local 235 in Toronto

18 January, 2021 For Immediate release Toronto, ON – Members at IAM Local 235 working at Hobart Food Equipment Group Canada ratified a new 3-year agreement on Monday evening. Due to COVID restrictions, the group met virtually to discuss the changes to the collective agreement and conducted their vote online. “The committee, consisting of Steven Straub, Kumar Balkaran, and Chee Leong, were very effective in advancing the interests of the

Mentorship at Local 764 MTU - continuity and leadership

The picture is of Shop Steward and Mentor Gas Turbine Engine (GTE) Mechanic James Whiting working and teaching Apprentice GTE Mechanic Kevin Shin at their new Boundary Bay Engine Facility in Delta British Columbia. Brothers James and Kevin are working on the V2500 Engine which is one of 4 Engine types overhauled at this facility. The IAE V2500 is a versatile, two-shaft high-bypass turbofan engine which powers the Airbus A320

Canada Applauds Newsletter, Website and Social Media Award-Winners 2020

The IAM Communications department annually presents awards to those Districts and Locals that have excelled in their efforts to keep IAM members informed. Unfortunately, with the cancellation of the IAM Grand Lodge Convention this past year, these presentations, like so many others, were forced into a virtual sphere. Canadian members are rightfully very proud to recognize the efforts of the winners representing the Canadian Territory. “As many of you know,

More united than ever! Solidarity in tough times for IAM Local 869

Montreal, QC – IAM Local 869 is presently in negotiations with Rolls-Royce Canada (RRC)  and without a contract since March 2020. For the last 50 years, the shop has ALWAYS been closed during the winter holidays, namely, the 30th and 31st of December. Interestingly, the company hired a union buster to negotiate on their behalf. The company tried to make our members believe the COVID-19 pandemic that they were losing

It’s not “Force Majeure” if it’s planned says IAM

The IAM was advised this morning that Air Canada intends to use an extraordinary measure by placing approximately 284 IAM members on “off duty status” by invoking a “force majeure” provision contained within the collective agreement.  The IAM categorically opposes the use of the “force majeure by placing our members on “off duty status” as it does not apply in the current situation. Air Canada is well outside the statute