September 25, 2020

Feds Must Support Air Transportation Now!

In this week’s Throne Speech the federal government announced they would be providing “further support” for industries that have been the hardest hit, including travel and tourism. “Covid-19 has devastated our members and their families, particularly in the transportation industry. We need more than just talk of support. We need action, and we need it now.” That was the response from IAM Air Transportation Coordinator Keith Aiken. Also announced this

The Hypocrisy of the right wing conservatives.

As Canadians across the country watched and listened to the throne speech, September 23, it was evident by the conservative opposition party, as well as their provincial counterparts, remarks that the conservatives have an austerity plan rather than a plan to help ordinary Canadians who have been affected the most by the pandemic. Conservative-led provincial governments across Canada have used this pandemic.  They continue to “put out their hands for