September 23, 2020

Christian Bilodeau

15 September, 2020 For immediate release Montreal, QC – IAM members at Local 1660 in Montreal, QC voted to accept a 5-year contract with Dominion Sample. The members voted overwhelmingly to accept the new agreement. The agreement contains some new, as well as many improvements, including: wage increases of 2.75% for the first 2 years, and 3% for the last 3 years of the contract new language on “Progressive Retirement”

IAM Local 11 wins big in Arbitrator’s Decision

22 September, 2020 For immediate release Vancouver, BC – Arbitrator Corrinn Bell issued two decision, both in favour of IAM Local 11 members working at Avcorp Inc. The basis of the union’s grievances lay in the fact that 11 members (10 aircraft mechanics and one material handler) were all laid off and their seniority retention ran out. After a span of approximately 4 years, they were rehired as new employees, but