April 2020

Pandemic Pay for Ontario Workers

A temporary “pandemic payment” for front-line workers risking their lives amid the COVID-19 pandemic. These workers would receive an additional $4 an hour for the next sixteen weeks, as well as a possible $250 lump-sum a month if they worked 100 hours or more. the pay hike, which will take effect on April 24 and last until Aug. 13. Health care and long-term care Eligible workplaces include acute hospitals, long-term

The Hotel Industry and the IAM

COVID19 has had a particularly harsh effect on air transportation and hotel industries, as they were the first to be impacted as a result of travel restrictions and social distancing measures. The tourism industry in Canada is a $ 103 billion industry, employing millions of Canadians, and will be recover slowly. The cancellation of business conferences and conventions across the country is costing cities hundreds of millions of dollars in

Change in layoff status for Local Lodge 712 IAMAW Members.

From LL712 Agreement between the Machinists’ Union and Bombardier: Change in layoff status for Local Lodge 712 IAMAW Members. Montreal April 28th, 2020– Bombardier announced that it will submit its application to the federal government so that they can benefit from Canada’s Emergency Wage Subsidy Program (CEWS) for the period of April 12th to June 6th. In order to oversee the implementation of the CEWS program for its members, the

L to R: James Pattulo, Jeremiah Barbour, Mike Bryan, Dale McKay and Wilson Brown

28 April, 2020 For immediate release Fort McMurray, AB – Kal Tire members have ratified their one-year deal for a contract extension with 90.6 percent in favour of the deal. Terms and conditions of the contract remain the same. “The Committee worked very hard on this and it was a very tough set of negotiations. The employer was looking for changes to their retirement plan, and a major overhaul to

Tell the CPhA: Waive extra dispensing fees at pharmacies

April 25, 2020 In the middle of this pandemic, the Canadian Pharmacists Association determined that pharmacies should limit refills to 30 days instead of 90. This is intended to reduce possible drug shortages. Problem is, that decision hurts Canadians because instead of paying one dispensing fee for a 90-day refill, people now have to pay the dispensing fee every month for each 30-day refill. Call on the CPhA to waive

Day of Mourning events

On Tuesday April 28th, Labour Councils across Canada will be holding their own virtual Day of Mourning events. Please see link below to find a virtual Day of Mourning event near you. Day of Mourning Ceremonies 2020 Thank you Derek Ferguson  


The work we do can be stressful. Our lives at home can also contribute to this stress. The onset of COVID-19 has affected most IAM members in some way or another, which has only made things more difficult to manage. We want you to know that stress CAN be managed. We simply need the tools to help us. IAM District 140 Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) have contracted with