January 2020

Fred Hospes' letter to the Minister of Labour

Vancouver, January 8, 2020 Sent via email The Honourable Filomena Tassi, Minister of Labour, We would like to raise to your attention a very worrying situation which has contributed to the deterioration of the working conditions and environment at Canadian airports for many years. The IAM, representing 22,000 workers spread across all major Canadian airports, has seen the many problems caused by airport contract transfer practices (also known as Contract-Flipping).

Turbulence at the airport: if nothing changes, it won't be the last time

This opinion piece appeared in Le Devoir on 03 January, 2020 David Chartrand Quebec Coordinator As the Swissport Airplane fuelers at Pierre Elliott-Trudeau and Mirabel airports take strike action, it is time for the public to better understand the reality of the workers who make a living there. In recent years, there has been a deterioration in working conditions, this deterioration is accompanied by an increase in responsibilities, workload and

Dorothy Wick (1930-2020)

Brothers and Sisters of the IAM family, It is with regret and sadness that we inform you of the passing of Dorothy Wick, beloved mother of GVP Stan Pickthall. Dorothy passed peacefully early on January 1, 2020, just days before her 90th birthday. Born on January 5, 1930 in Lancashire, England. She was predeceased by husband John Wick, who passed 39 years earlier in 1981. She was fiercely proud of