October 17, 2019

New Federal Employment Standards, What's in Force and What is Not?

Weak employment standards negatively impact worker health and safety, particularly as they relate to hours of work and the employment relationship. Many provisions have yet to come into force, others have built in loopholes and many of these changes remain unaddressed. The majority of Canada’s employment standards were developed in the 1960’s when workers were generally employed in full-time, permanent jobs with living wages and benefits. Today, workers are increasingly employed in

IAM Protests another needless death at Fiera Foods

14 October, 2019 Toronto – On October 4, 2019, IAM activists joined labour and migrant rights activists from across the Greater Toronto Area to protest unsafe working conditions at Fiera Foods, an industrial bakery in Toronto, and demand that the company protect workers’ health and safety – and their very lives! The protest follows another needless death at Fiera Foods: 57-year-old Enrico Miranda, a cleaner at the bakery. Miranda was the


Every one of us has the POWER to vote for a better Canada Canadians turned out in record numbers for the advance polls over the long weekend. According to Elections Canada, an estimated 4.7 million voters cast ballots, that’s up 29 percent from the 2015 early polls! Polls report that since Sept. 13, the NDP has surged by nearly four points to 19 percent support. We have the momentum – this is