October 3, 2019

AIAC Vancouver - Keeping tabs on the future of aerospace

October 2, 2019 Vancouver, BC – The Aerospace Industry of Canada (AIAC) hosted the second of three Vision 2025 Election Town Hall meetings on October 1, 2019 in Vancouver. AIAC invited high-profile candidates from all major Canadian political parties to discuss the future of the aerospace sector in Canada. The IAM, other unions and representatives from the industry itself were also part of the town hall. The Hon. Jean Charest,

Skilled Labour Is a Finite Resource: “Grounded Potential” Recommendations Get Backing From the Aviation Industry

By Ivana Saula IAM Canadian Research Director The federal election is in full swing and political parties are scrambling to address otherwise forgotten issues in an attempt to win votes. Environmental issues, Pharmacare, and other affordability issues are front and center of this election with all parties vowing lofty promises. A number of issues have reached a critical point due to years of inadequate policy responses, or in some cases,