September 17, 2019

The Conservative Cookbook - Recipe for a Scheer Disaster.

By Derek Ferguson, GLR, Political Action Tired of hearing about the economy doing well for the rich, but not seeing the benefits for your family? If you follow this simple recipe Andrew Sheer’s conservatives will make life harder for you –they will cut services – in the same ruthless way Doug Ford’s Conservatives are decimating Ontario. Ingredients – Throw in six or possibly seven Conservative Provincial leaders into the mix

IAM Local Lodge 11 workers locked out by Avcorp Industries in Delta, B.C.

17 September, 2019 For Immediate Release Delta, B.C. – Approximately 300 workers, members of IAM Local Lodge 11, were locked out by Avcorp Industries at 10:00 pm Monday evening. The company offered no rationale, but simply served the union notice and proceeded with the lockout. The union and the company have been in bargaining since early January 2019, with about 25 full days of negotiations. Avcorp’s first offer was rejected by