September 3, 2019

Canadian Workers Celebrate 148th Anniversary of Labour Day

2 September, 2019 Toronto – Approximately 100 IAM members participated in Labour’s annual Labour Day parade. The 148th anniversary of this special day to celebrate workers and our accomplishments was celebrated with music, bands and much discussion as to labour’s path ahead in these challenging times. The total number of labour activists and their families attending the parade was 25,000. Along with the celebrations, many has pause to think about

What Does a Modernized Canada Labour Code Look Like? A Lot Like The Old One!

By: Ivana Saula Research Director, Canada Just as unions prepared to celebrate Labour Day, the federal government announced the implementation of several changes to the Canada Labour Code. The Liberal federal government has shown its ideological leanings by failing to truly modernize the Code. Despite consultations with unions, and regardless of objections raised by several of them, the Liberals were deaf to persuasions for fairness and justice.  Months’ long consultations