August 23, 2019

Wins and Losses in Manitoba’s Bargaining Unit Reorganization: Who stands to lose the most?

By Ivana Saula IAM Canadian Research Director A vote set to take place over the summer, more precisely August; a month when most people take vacations, take time to relax, disconnect from work and reconnect with friends, family, and nature. A month for some well-deserved down time. It’s also the month that unions in Manitoba came under direct attack from Pallister’s PC government. If the strategy is taken out of

IAM Canada Statement on Air Canada takeover of Air Transat

23 August, 2019 For Immediate release Toronto – Air Transat shareholders have approved a $720 million takeover by Air Canada by a 94.77% vote. This is well above the two-thirds margin required. Both companies will continue to operate under their current structures. The agreement is now putting the fate of the transaction in the hands of regulators before being finalised. The transaction is unlikely to close before early 2020. IAM