October 26, 2018

IAM Transportation District Lodge 140 marks 20th anniversary

Halifax, N.S. – IAM Transportation District Lodge 140 celebrated its 20th anniversary this past week. Founded on July 1, 1998 with the merger of Districts 148 and 721, District 140 has survived the merger of Air Canada and Canadian Airlines International, CCAA at Air Canada in 2003, Air Canada Pension amendments in 2008, the collapse of Aveos in 2012, defeated successive raids by the CAWU and is currently enjoying unprecedented

COPE Ontario Business Representatives join IAM

Monday October 22, 2018 For Immediate Release Toronto, On – Business Representatives and Administrative staff from the Canadian Office and Professional Employees – COPE – Ontario are the newest members of the IAM. “These are Business Representatives and administrative staff from COPE offices across Ontario in Thunder Bay, Sudbury and Toronto,” explained IAM Grand Lodge Representative Scott Jackson. “This was a collaborative effort with IAM Directing Business Representative Pete Topetto