June 19, 2018

This site visit went underground!

Flin  Flon, MB – Canadian General Vice President Stan Pickthall makes a point of conducting at least 50 site visits per year to meet with our membership in their workplaces. He has flown from coast to coast to coast to meet with the members but his recent visit to Flin Flon, Manitoba, the term face-to-face, took on a whole new meaning. The first day of his two-day visit to the

How a trade war may hurt our economy!

Toronto, ON – Canada’s economy would shrink by 1.8 per cent if the United States breaks all trade ties with its partners and imposes across-the-board tariffs that average 20 per cent, according to a Scotiabank report. “A ramp-up in protectionism in the U.S. results in a negative impact on growth in each of the NAFTA partners economies,” said the report. Earlier this month, the U.S. imposed significant tariffs on steel

Canada knows where it stands!

Washington, DC – While President Donald Trump demands Canada dismantle its supply management dairy system or risk our trading partnership, and his advisers have reserved a special place in hell for our Prime Minister following his comments at the recent G7 summit, Canada has not taken the bait! “I did not vote for Justin Trudeau in the last election, and our politics are often polar opposites but I applaud he