February 21, 2018

IAM Members Endorse Incumbent Grand Lodge Officers

Grand Lodge Elections IAM members have completed the endorsement process for the election of Grand Lodge Officers. The results from the U.S. Department of Labour–supervised election are that over 770 IAM Local Lodges endorsed the incumbent slate and 20 or 21 IAM Local Lodges endorsed opponent slate candidates. More than 97 per cent of Lodges nominated the incumbent slate. This only applies to the U.S. GVP’s. Canada in not under

The NDP Policy Convention

Ottawa, ON – “My friends, this is not as good as it gets,” said federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and more than 1,700 delegates at the NDP policy Convention rose to their feet. This was Singh’s first major party speech since being elected leader last October and the thirty plus minute oratory was interrupted several times by standing ovations.    Why were these people standing – well for starters he