2014 International Women’s Day

2014 International Women's Day
Whether you are involved in “One Billion Rising” events to recognize the harm done to society when Women and Girls face violence or “The Sisters in Spirit” vigils being held at this time to remember the missing Aboriginal Sisters we as Women still have much to do to ensure that each of our Sisters have the ability to Speak Out, Speak Up and Be Heard.
The Labour Movement is in for the Fight of Our Lives and our Sisters play an important role to encourage not just our Employers and our Unions but also our Governments at all levels to recognize our contributions.
IAMAW Sisters have laid the groundwork to encourage more women to organize and to seek out non-traditional jobs.  We have been there to promote better health and safety, fairness and equality in bargaining for equal pay and opportunity in advancement, looking at ways we can encourage others to promote better child care, health care, pay equity, and ending Violence Against Women and Girls.
Women are playing an ever increasing presence in our Union at all levels.  We can make a difference when we work together for change.  
International Women’s Day this year is promoting Change – We in the IAMAW know that change is an integral part of growth, so this year let us not just celebrate the changes we have made, but encourage Change for the future.